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How You Can Lose Your Right to Confidentiality

  • Blog Posted on July 11, 2016
  • Published by Adam Loewy

Most people are aware that there is a confidentiality agreement between a lawyer and client, even if it is unspoken. What people tell their attorneys stays within the walls of the lawyer’s office. This includes things that are spoken and details that are written down. Attorney-client communications are privileged and cannot be revealed in court. Read More

How Do I Collect on a Jury Award?

  • Blog Posted on April 13, 2016
  • Published by Adam Loewy

If you win your case in civil court, you may be awarded financial compensation by a judge or jury. In some cases, you may have a hard time getting the other party to cooperate with the jury’s instructions and pay you what you are legally due. If this happens, you may be required to incur Read More

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How Does a Court Case Affect My Taxes?

  • Blog Posted on April 11, 2016
  • Published by Adam Loewy

It seems as though everything you do has an impact on your taxes. If you work, you pay taxes. If you make improvements on your home, you may apply for tax deductions. If you have a child, you may get tax credits. But what if you are involved in a court case? Court cases and Read More

Your Civil Right to Protest in Austin

  • Blog Posted on June 16, 2015
  • Published by Adam Loewy

With the rash of protests recently taking place around the country, people have been witness to violent clashes with police and peaceful rallies that did no damage. It may leave you wondering what your rights are when it comes to protesting for a cause that you believe in. It is your civil right to protest Read More

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