Foster Parent Accused of Injuring Child

A foster parent from South Austin will face allegations of “injury to a child” after allegedly hurting an infant last year, police said.¬†According to a local news source, the 47-year-old foster dad injured the baby when he fractured three of the child’s bones. The foster parent was booked on Wednesday but no longer remains in custody. Police arrested the man after child protective services reported that the 1-month-old child suffered fractures to her rib, humerus and tibia.

The man said that he didn’t know how the girl received the injuries, but indicated that he dropped her while he was walking down a flight of stairs. According to the man’s arrest affidavit, police officers doubt that the fall was responsible for the girl’s injuries. Earlier this year, the man showed signs of “deception” during a polygraph test when law enforcement asked him about the incident. He also admitted to raising the girl’s arm with “possibly too much force” while dressing her.

The man also admitted that he may have used too much force while attempting to move the girl’s leg and place her in a car seat. According to one medical professional, it is “entirely plausible” that the incidents described by the man were responsible for the young child’s injuries. The affidavit also said that the child was removed from the man’s custody.

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