How to Get Home After a Night of Drinking

We are heading into another weekend, and it’s almost always gorgeous in Austin. The beautiful weather seems like a waste if you don’t get out and enjoy it. Chances are that you will be partaking in an adult beverage or two, and then calling it a night. But wait. Before you call it a night and hop in your car, ask yourself if you are too drunk to drive. If you aren’t sure, the answer is yes. If you have had even a single drink, the answer is yes.

Ultimately, it is up to you whether or not you get behind the wheel and drive to your destination after having a few at the bar. Make the right decision. Even if you feel as though you are perfectly capable of driving, you never know what lies ahead. One thing is for certain: It’s not worth the dramatic consequences when there are so many options available to you.


Uber is a popular ride sharing service that you may or may not have heard of. Uber drivers will come and pick you up, no matter where you are and get you home safely. Install the application on your phone and when you are ready to head home, tap the button and summon a ride.

Public Transportation

If you live in Austin or a similarly large city, you are lucky in that you have public transportation available to you. Take advantage of it. Plan on taking the bus or Metrorail home, and leave the bar accordingly.


The old standby. Many people avoid taking a cab, thinking that it is too expensive. If you plan for your ride home, you can stick enough money in your wallet to cover the ride. Simply call the cab company ahead of time, let them know where you will be and where you want to end up. They can tell you how much your ride will cost.


Your friends and family always tell you to call if you need a ride home, but you don’t want to impose. So instead of imposing at two in the morning, ask them to pick you up before you even go out. Your friend may want to pick you up at a certain time, so oblige them.

Drinking and driving is dangerous to you and everyone you share the road with. There really is no reason to get drunk and get behind the wheel with the number of options that are available to you today. Take advantage of one of them to make sure that you get home without incident.

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