How to Avoid Drunk Drivers on the Road – Safety Tips

To drive safely on the road you have to monitor other drivers as well as yourself. You never know who is distracted, in a rush or driving while intoxicated. As scary as it sounds, thousands of people in Austin, and millions of people all over the United States are injured every year because of people who choose to drive drunk. Sadly, in the state of Texas about 35% of all car accident fatalities were DUI related incidents.

personal injury, avoid drunk driversEven though drinking is acceptable, drinking and driving is not. There are plenty of options to get home safely if you are drunk, like catching a cab, getting a ride home with a friend, or staying the night at a pals, until you are able to drive.

However, not everybody makes the best decisions which means innocent lives are in danger. Instead of gambling with your life the next time you have to drive, here are some safety tips to help you and your loved ones stay safe and avoid drunk drivers on the road.

Safety Tips

  • If you notice anybody swerving on the highway or road, get as far away from them as possible.
  • Try to stay off the roads during the holiday weekends when a lot of people have been drinking.
  • Don’t drive during the peak hours of the night such as when bars close or when people began to go out on weekends.
  • Always pay attention to your surroundings and what the other cars on the road are doing.

If you’ve been injured in a DUI related car accident, it is important that you hold the responsible party accountable. Contact the Loewy Law Firm so we can help defend you and fight for your rights.