How to Protect Your Child From Sports Related Brain Injuries

sports-brain-injury-loewy-law-firm-austin-texasSports can be fun, healthy and character building for children of all ages. However, sports can also be physically dangerous, with broken bones, fractures, torn muscles or concussions. Concussions are probably the most dangerous because they can result in severe traumatic brain injury, which can change or even end a child’s life. Here are some precautions to take for your star athlete in order to protect him or her as much as you can from concussions.

Work Closely With Coaches and School Officials

Ensure that the environment in which your child is learning about and playing sports is filled with safety-oriented, responsible, respectable and knowledgeable adults.

  • Make sure there is a plan and procedure for if or when a concussion occurs.

  • They should all understand what a concussion is, what it looks like, the dangers, and the long-term consequences that it could incur.

  • The coach should be educating the athletes about concussions and the symptoms.

  • Safety should be everyone’s first priority. Athletes should be taught safe playing techniques to decrease chances of being involved in head injuries.

Never Play with a Concussion

Rest is the most important key to healing after suffering a concussion. To lower the risk of permanent and possibly severe brain damage, an athlete must rest and sit out on the game and practices until they are completely healed. Don’t let your athlete convince you that they are “fine,” and don’t let anyone pressure them into playing while injured as a feat of strength or bravery. This could cause further injuries, a slow recovery, and long-term consequences.


If your child has suffered from traumatic brain injury because of the negligence of another person, you could be eligible to regain compensation for your bills as well as your pain and suffering. Contact the Loewy Law Firm today for a free consultation.