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The Larry Jackson Jr. Police Shooting Case: What You Need To Know

Larry Jackson Jr., (Left) and Detective Charles Kleinert (Right)
Larry Jackson Jr., (Left) and Detective Charles Kleinert (Right)

On July 26, 2013, Detective Charles Kleinert of the Austin Police Department tracked down Larry Jackson Jr. Detective Kleinert brutally beat Larry, breaking his ribs and perforating his colon. The Detective then placed his gun at the back of Larry’s neck and pulled the trigger. Larry died at the young age of 32 and left behind three children, his wife, and his parents.

Here is what you need to know about this shooting:

Criminal Indictment and Trial. On May 12, a Travis County Grand Jury indicted Charles Kleinert for Manslaughter for killing Larry. This is a historic indictment since it is the first time an Austin Police Officer has been indicted for killing a citizen. The Travis County District Attorneys Office is prosecuting this case and a criminal trial will take place in Spring 2015.

$1.25 Million Settlement with Larry’s children. On August 7, the Austin City Council settled with Larry’s children for $1.25M, which is the largest civil rights settlement for a police shooting in Austin history. We commend the Austin City Council for admitting liability by settling and we are pleased that Larry’s children will be compensated for this brutal killing.

Larry’s Parents’ Civil Case. Larry’s parents have filed a Federal Civil Rights case against Kleinert and the Austin Police Department. This case will likely go to trial in Fall 2015. The Austin City Council attempted to negotiate a resolution of this case but Larry’s parents are exclusively focused on making sure Kleinert is convicted for the murder of their son, and will focus on the civil case down the road.

Chief Art Acevedo’s Silence. To date, Police Chief Art Acevedo has not said a single word about this killing. We believe that a leader like Chief Acevedo needs to take responsibility for this shooting or, at the very least, say something about it. His silence is very troubling.

We will continue to seek justice for Larry’s parents and update the community on developments in this case.