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How an Austin Broken Bones Lawyer Can Help

Broken bones are not life-threatening, but they are extremely painful. In some cases, bones break cleanly, and require only a short period of recovery. If the break is more severe, however, surgery and physical therapy are often needed before the victim can be properly healed. Broken bone victims are often forced to miss work and other daily responsibilities or hobbies while recovering, and this injury can incur thousands of dollars in medical bills.

One of the most common types of serious injuries, many bone fractures are caused by negligence. Manufacturers who do not follow safety regulations are often the source of broken bones cases when they produce and sell faulty items that break or malfunction, resulting in serious harm. Property owners and businesses that do not maintain safe environments for their visitors and guests can be liable for broken bones in slip and fall accidents. Victims of personal injury do not need to suffer alone; an Austin personal injury attorney can be a powerful advocate.

Types Of Bone Fractures

There are many types of broken bones, but three common fractures include: non-displaced, open, and closed. A displaced fracture occurs when the bone breaks into at least two, separate pieces. In a displaced fracture, the ends of the bone are not aligned after the break. A non-displaced fracture occurs when the bone breaks partially or completely but the ends remain aligned. A closed fracture occurs when the broken bone does not break the skin. Open (or compound) fractures occur when the bone breaks and fragments of the bone break through the skin. This type of bone fracture may result in bleeding and infection.

A greenstick fracture occurs when the bone bends but does not completely break. This type of break is considered an incomplete fracture and is usually a child injury. The term “transverse fracture” refers to a break that result in the broken bone ending up at a right angle from the bone’s axis. When the break has a sloped or curved pattern, it may be referred o as an oblique fracture. Comminuted fractures occur when the bone breaks into multiple pieces. Impacted fractures (also called a buckle fracture) occur when the bone breaks and the end of each fragment are driven into each other.

Bone fracture severity ranges from mile to severe. Generally speaking, compound fractures are more severe than closed fractures. Serious bone breaks can result in excessive bleeding and damage to the surrounding blood vessels and nerves. Additionally, tissue near the site of the break may be damaged. Open fractures may become infected. While minor broken bones can heal in a few weeks, major breaks may take months to completely heal. Generally speaking, children’s bones heal significantly faster than adults. Other factors, such as bone density or related medical conditions, can influence the amount of time it takes for the injury to heal.

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