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If someone you love was injured or killed in a choking accident caused by faulty craftsmanship of a product, an owner’s disregard for safety on their property, or the inattention of a babysitter, your family may be entitled to receive compensation. Contact an Austin choking injury lawyer from Loewy Law Firm today to learn more.

Though choking often occurs because of a failure to properly chew food or laughing and talking while eating, many times these painful and even fatal incidents are the result of negligence. Especially vulnerable are young children, who are more likely to suffer this injury as a consequence of defective products, mislabeled items, and irresponsible behavior of others. Small parts and pieces of improperly made toys that break easily or items that are not labeled as being hazardous to children often find their way into the mouths of undiscerning little ones. The results can be tragic.

Small toys, broken items, coins, beads, balloons, and buttons are all potentially deadly to children. Depending on the size and health of a choking victim, the lack of oxygen caused by choking can lead to permanent and traumatic brain injury in as fast as three minutes, and much longer can lead to the death of a loved one or innocent child.

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