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First, Second, Third, And Fourth Degree Burns

Burn injuries come in four different categories: first, second, third, and fourth degrees. First degree burn injuries are the least severe form of burn, while fourth degree burns can be extremely severe. First degree burns can be treated at home and do not usually require professional medical attention. In fact, most first degree burns heal without any medical attention in a matter of days. Like first degree burns, second degree burns can be treated at home too. However, if the burn covers a large portion of the victim’s body, he/she may need to seek professional medical help. If the second degree burn only covers a small portion of the victims’ skin, it can be treated like a minor, first degree burn.

Third and fourth degree burns can be extremely serious – if not life threatening. Third degree (full thickness) burns extend through all layers of the victim’s skin. Unlike first and second degree burns, third degree burns are painless because they are severe enough to cause nerve damage. This type of burn is characterized by stiffness, white coloring, and a dry or leathery appearance. Third degree burns may never fully heal and often leave victims dealing with life-long scarring, impairment, and emotional trauma. Fourth degree burns are extremely serious and often result in death. However, medical advancements have enabled doctors to treat even fourth degree burns. Like third degree burns, though, fourth degree burn injuries may never fully heal and often result in severe scarring, infection, and debilitating impairment.

What Are The Treatment Options for a Burn Injury?

Serious burn injuries are sometimes manageable through wound care, intravenous fluids, antibiotics, and surgical procedures. If an adult suffers a burn injury that covers more than 15% of his/her body, doctors will most likely treat the victim with intravenous fluids. This treatment is especially important during the 24 hours following the initial injury. Inhalation burn injuries may require more fluids.

Wound care involves keeping the injury dry and covered. Exposed burns are subject to infection. Sometimes, burn victims suffer devastating illness after the initial accident because the wound becomes infected. To avoid infection, doctors will keep the wounded area clean and cool. Not only does this manage pain, but it allows the patient to avoid further illness and injury. Antibiotics are often used to avoid and treat burn-related infections.

Serious burns often result in nerve damage and scarring. Fortunately, medical professionals have developed a variety of surgical procedures to help burn victims regain their motor function. Additionally, some surgeries can be used to reconstruct damaged skin through skin grafts. Plastic surgery may be used to reconstruct portions of the face that suffered extreme damage too.

Recovering From A Burn Injury: Surgical Options

Doctors use a variety of surgical procedures to repair burn injuries, including:

  • Skin grafts,
  • Microsurgery
  • Free flap procedure, and
  • Tissue expansion

Skin grafts are one of the most common surgeries used to help burn patients. During this surgery, undamaged skin is moved from one portion of the body to the other. Doctors may use split-thickness grafts or full-thickness grafts to help accident victims. Split-thickness skin grafts only involve a few layers of skin, while full-thickness grafts involve all layers of the patient’s skin. Minor skin grafts take several weeks to recover. Full-thickness skin grafts can take several weeks longer to heal and often result in permanent scarring.

Tissue expansion is a type of surgery that allows the body to “grow” extra skin. During this procedure, doctors insert a balloon-like device under the patient’s skin and slowly stretch the skin. Over time, the expander will create enough surface skin for doctors to use during reconstructive surgery. Although tissue expansion is often used during breast reconstruction surgery, it can be used to help patients of burn injuries as well.

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