$120,000 Settlement in Car to Pedestrian Collision

The Loewy Law Firm has settled a case for an Austin woman who was seriously injured on Oltorf when a car collided with her as she was crossing the street. Our client sustained a broken hip. The Austin Police Department decided not make a conclusion about who was at fault but our law firm’s investigators quickly concluded the driver was at fault – and after we showed our findings to the driver’s insurance company, they settled for the full policy limits.

Our law firm specialized in car-to-pedestrian crashes and we have regrettably seen a noticeable rise in these cases in the past year. Recently, the Austin American-Statesman did an expose on this problem and why it continues. There are many reasons for this increase but regardless of the cause, we encourage everyone to do what we were taught in 1st grade – look both ways before you cross the street and do not assume a car will stop. Be very vigilant when walking the streets.