Williamson County Wrongful Death Case

Our law firm has been retained by the family of Salman Chaudhary in a terribly tragic case in Williamson County. Salman’s wife and two children were struck by 18-yr old Hayden Hammer, who was speeding and apparently racing another car. Both children were killed and Salman’s wife has sustained catastrophic injuries. We will pursue all possible civil actions for this family and encourage the Williamson County District Attorney to seek a decades-long sentence for Hammer in prison. Please say a prayer for this family. It is one of the most tragic cases we have ever handled. More information on the… Read More

$15 Million Year for the Loewy Law Firm

The Loewy Law Firm is proud to announce we recovered over $15 Million for our clients in 2017. The recoveries were highlighted by 3 7-figure settlements in the amounts of $8.5 million for a truck crash, $2.5 million for a burn case and $2.2 million for a wrongful death truck case. We recovered significant money for Austin residents involved in car crashes, truck crashes, bike crashes, motorcycle crashes, burn incidents, slip and falls and injuries to children. If you or a loved one have been hurt, call us today. We can help. (512) 280-0800. Read More

From Rising Star to Texas Super Lawyer

It is such an honor to be recognized among the state’s best attorneys with my placement in the 2017 Super Lawyers listings. I first joined the ranks of Thomson Reuter’s list of Texas’ Rising Star attorneys beginning in 2013. On the heels of my recent 40th birthday, I became eligible for nomination for the Super Lawyers selection process and am so pleased to be honored in the Super Lawyers listing. This is a great accomplishment for me and my firm and really highlights our dedication to clients. The annual list will be published in the October issue of Texas Monthly… Read More

Firm Match Gift Raises $65,000 for Central Texas Food Bank

Thanks again to everyone who joining us in support of the Central Texas Food Bank. You met our 3-to-1 match with such great enthusiasm that we were able to deliver over $63,000 to the Food Bank. This enables them to provide 181,000 lbs of food to children and families in Central Texas this summer, a time when families are struggling to overcome gaps in breakfast, lunch, and childcare provided by schools during the rest of the year. We’re humbled by your quick call to action and the overwhelming success of the drive. We certainly couldn’t have done it without… Read More

How You Can Lose Your Right to Confidentiality

confidential stamp graphic

Most people are aware that there is a confidentiality agreement between a lawyer and client, even if it is unspoken. What people tell their attorneys stays within the walls of the lawyer’s office. This includes things that are spoken and details that are written down. Attorney-client communications are privileged and cannot be revealed in court. Unfortunately, this confidentiality can become lost under certain circumstances. Here are four ways you can lose your right to confidentiality. 1. Speaking in Public Let’s say that you decide to meet with your attorney in public. You meet over lunch to talk about… Read More

Knowing When You Need a New Lawyer

personal injury lawyer scroll

It is not uncommon for people to hire an attorney after they have been injured. Whether the injury occurred as the result of a car accident, a slip and fall or a number of other factors, seeking compensation is often the only way that people can pay their medical bills. When people choose a lawyer, they may do so in any number of ways. Some people look online and some use word-of-mouth. Many times the relationship starts out on a positive note and the case begins to progress smoothly. Unfortunately, the relationship may head south and people could… Read More

Bike Seat Risks for Your Child

Brightly colored windbreaker on man riding his bicycle

When you have a child, you want to do everything with them. In today’s society, there are so many options for parents that they rarely have to give up their favorite activities or leave their kids at home. One of these fantastic options is the bike seat. The ability to strap your child to your bicycle safely means that you can exercise to your heart’s content. But wait. Are bike seats really as safe as they seem? While they may provide parents and other adults with an effective way to take a child along for a ride, they may not… Read More

Avoid These Medical Mistakes Post Injury

broken arm in cast

After you are injured by another person, you want to make sure that you are taken care of properly. Part of this responsibility lies with your doctor, and part with you. There are mistakes that can happen if you aren’t careful, and many of them have nothing to do with medical malpractice. Here is what you don’t want to do once you begin seeking medical treatment. 1. Downplay Your Injuries Do not be tempted to downplay your injuries either in an attempt to “act tough” or protect your employer. Be honest with your doctor about your symptoms and the way you… Read More

Fourth of July Firework Safety Tips

fireworks for fourth of july

Common fireworks are illegal to possess or set off within the city limits if you live in Austin. What are permitted are not-common fireworks or, in other words, glow worms, snakes, smoke devices, wire sparklers and trick noisemakers. If, on the other hand, you live in a rural area, you may be permitted to both possess and discharge fireworks. No matter where you live or how you plan on celebrating the holiday, its important to remind yourself about firework safety as July 4 approaches. If you will be attending any type of picnic, BBQ or even professional display,… Read More

Make Sure Summer is Safe for Your Kids


Summer is often one of the best times of the year. It is always a great time for kids to participate in various indoor and outdoor sports, games and activities. Whether younger or older, there are ways that you can keep children of every age safe while they enjoy the warm weather. In the Water If your children will be participating in any of the great water-related activities available to them, make sure they are staying safe. Prevent water-related illnesses and make sure your child is aware of how to stay safe near the water. Drownings are a… Read More