Texas Seat Belt Laws

The seat belt is the single most important development in motor vehicle safety. Over the last few decades, seat belts have saved millions of lives. All 50 states have some type of seat belt law in place. Obeying the seat belt laws in Texas can keep you and your loved ones safe while driving, as well as protect you from legal trouble. Seat Belt Facts and Statistics Science has proven again and again that the safest choice vehicle occupants can make is to use a seat belt. The decision not to wear a seat belt can be fatal. According to… Read More

Texas At-Fault Accident Laws

Every state has different laws regarding how it will deal with car accident claims and insurance liability. Most systems fall into two classes: “at-fault” and “no-fault.” The law in the state where you live will determine who is responsible for paying for an automobile accident – you or the other driver. Learn from our personal injury lawyers how Texas’s at-fault car accident law works to know what to expect from your car insurance claims process. What Is an At-Fault Car Accident Law? All but 12 states use an at-fault law to determine car accident liability. In an at-fault car… Read More

Texas Car Seat Laws

Motor vehicle accidents are a leading cause of death of children and infants every year. One of the best things that parents and guardians can do to protect their children is to obey Texas’s car seat laws. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, car seats saved at least 325 children under the age of 5 years old in a single year. Following Texas’s car seat laws can keep your child out of harm’s way and prevent legal ramifications. When Is a Car Seat Required in Texas? Texas law makes safety restraint systems mandatory for all drivers, passengers… Read More

Factors that Affect the Value of your Personal Injury Settlement

If you have suffered an injury caused by another party’s careless or negligent actions, you have the right to recover compensation. However, securing the compensation you deserve isn’t always straightforward, and various factors can affect your claim’s value. Damages Damages is the legal term for the compensation awarded to reimburse victims for the impact a personal injury accident has had on their lives. The more financial losses and accident-related expenses you have had, the higher the value of your claim. For example: Medical Expenses: Current and future treatment you require and any other injury-related medical expenses. Property Damage: Repairing or… Read More

How Long Does It Take To Settle A Personal Injury Claim?

A common thought when pursuing a personal injury claim is wondering how long it will take. Unfortunately, the answer is not simple since the timeline is unique to each case. However, here is a general idea of the process and how long each step takes until you receive compensation. First Six Months The first six months of a personal injury claim typically involve recovering from your injuries and your personal injury attorney’s initial investigation. Medical Treatment Seeking medical care is critical to your health and also protects your right to compensation. If there is a gap between the accident and… Read More

What’s the Value of My Car After a Car Accident?

What’s the Value of My Car After a Car Accident? After a car accident, the car’s value will decrease even if it was professionally repaired and restored to its original condition. This decrease in the car’s value after an accident is called diminished value. Insurance companies use the term diminished value to refer to the comparative value of the car before and after the accident.  There are three kinds of diminished values that insurance companies track. These three values include: Immediate diminished value — the car’s resale value after the accident but before repairInherent diminished value — the term… Read More

Texas Traffic Crisis: At Least One Fatality per Day for 21 Years

There are streaks no state in America wants to promote or even acknowledge, and Texas’ streak of at least one traffic death per day for 21 years is one of those. In 2021, at least 11 people have died each day on Texas roadways. The Austin car accident lawyers of Loewy Law Firm want to see the fatality numbers go down and stay down. There have been over 4,000 traffic deaths in 2021, after 3,896 deaths in 2020. There have been over 70,000 fatalities during that 21-year streak. The Texas Department of Transportation wants to break that streak as… Read More

Is Lane Splitting Legal in Texas?

Can I File a Motorcycle Accident Claim in Texas if I was Lane Splitting? Lane splitting is a controversial issue for Texas motorcyclists. Lane splitting means driving a motorcycle on the line between two cars. Texas law requires that vehicles, including motorcycles, remain in a single lane of traffic and only change lanes when it is safe.  While Texas does not have a law directly prohibiting lane-splitting, some motorcyclists argue it prevents accidents, and others cite the behavior as irresponsible. Some motorcyclists believe that lane splitting is safer because it can prevent rear-end crashes with cars. It is also… Read More

Most Dangerous Highways in Austin

Driving in Austin can be a hassle. With the massive increase in population over the past two decades straining our roads and highways, it can be difficult, even dangerous, to get where you need to go in Austin. But some roads are more hazardous than others. Let’s review the most dangerous highways in Austin and talk about your options after a crash. What Are the Most Dangerous Highways in Austin? Austin has some of the worst traffic congestion in the world. We regularly spend hours waiting in traffic, burning fuel, moving at… Read More

Why Austin Drivers Are at Risk of Being Involved in a Truck Crash

It’s no secret that Austin has some of the most dangerous roads in the country. Interstate 35, Highway 183, State Highway 71, and US 290 all rank high in traffic accidents and congestion thanks to the significant population increase in the Austin area over the past decade. The danger isn’t limited to cars, however. Let’s talk about how Austin drivers face a higher risk of getting into an accident with a large truck than some other drivers. Why Austin Roads Are Uniquely Hazardous for Drivers Austin’s system of roads and highways is… Read More