Accidents at the Water Park

As summer is now on the horizon, you will most likely be taking your family on a trip to your local water park for a refreshing day in the sun. Just be careful as water park accidents are more common than you might think. Just last year in England, a horrifying news story was broadcast about a grandmother and her granddaughter being thrown out of a log flume ride.

The grandmother sustained serious leg injuries and the granddaughter some bruising and cuts. 86% of reported water park injuries involve water slides. While fun, precautions should be taken at water parks as there are just too many opportunities for accidents to occur.

Water park injuries can involve collisions, flipping off of a slide or slipping among other things, and have resulted in head injuries, scrapes, dislocation, drowning and other unfortunate and untimely causes of death. So before you take the kids to a water park this summer sit them down and give them some words of caution. You wouldn’t want to spoil a nice summer day with a trip to the hospital.

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