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Community Concerns: Texas Highway Raises Legal Speed Limit to 85 MPH

Today’s generation is very much used to the fast pace of life and the non-stop busy schedules that never seem to end. Whether it is spending time with friends, working, community involvement, running errands, you name it; people today are busy and have a lot of places to go. Because of this, we rely greatly on our cars and there is definitely the temptation to drive fast when trying to get to work on time, or you are late picking up your kids from school, again. Whatever the situation may be, we rely on our roads, and most drivers are aware that the faster we drive, the more susceptible we are to an accident.

Despite the probability of car accidents being more deadly with the higher speeds people are driving, the Texas Department of Transportation has allowed for a stretch of a Texas highway 130 to be raised to 85mph legally. While it will be nice for those drivers in Camaro’s so they can speed and not get pulled over, what about the rest of the community? There are many cars that aren’t as safe when involved in an accident, even motorcycles that have no protection at all.

A long-distance truck driver from Texas raises his concerns stating that the roads are already dangerous as it is, allowing all vehicles to travel at those speeds is asking for a disaster. He wants people to understand the severity of those speeds claiming that a category 1 hurricane travels 85mph, and that has a lot of power. As a truck driver, he understands the dangers of the road, and while a sports car may have impeccable breaking system on their car, semi-trucks take the length of a football field at that speed to come to a full stop.

With this new speed limit, he is fearful that there will be a significant increase of car accidents on the road. Despite the concerns of many drivers, the Texas Department of Transportation states the road was “made for speed” and it passes all of the engineer certifications in order to have that as the legal limit. While there is no way to determine what speed will actually cause the death of a person when involved in an accident, there are many that would say if two cars are equally traveling that speed and collide, there would be little chance for survival.

Road safety is a huge concern, because as we depend so greatly on our motor vehicles for transportation, we are more prone to be in an accident. No matter how much we practice safe driving, there are always people who believe they are invisible and can drive any speed with no fears, or others who are drunk and think they are fine to get behind the wheel of a car. Accidents happen all around us and because of the irresponsibility of many drivers’ lives are taken and people are injured every day across the world. If you or someone you know has been involved in a car accident that was caused by another person, don’t hesitate to take action.

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