Drunk Driving Crashes – Not “Accidents”

The Loewy Law Firm has been retained a family in Bastrop who was hit by a drunk driver who ran a red light. Our clients were heading to a Church event and were hit by a man who apparently had been drinking all day in a local bar. When the drunk driver was arrested, he was so intoxicated that he was laughing about the collision.

Needless to say, drunk driving is no laughing matter and a person with this kind of disregard for fellow citizens should be in jail. Recent statistics have indicated that over 1400 Texans per year are killed by drunk drivers on the roads of Texas. Just this past weekend in Austin, a young woman got so drunk that she drove her car into Lady Bird Lake and killed her passenger. DWI deaths are sadly a weekly occurrence in Texas and they must stop.

Our law firm is committed to holding drunk drivers civilly liable for their actions and helping put pressure on District Attorneys to prosecute these criminals to the greatest extent under the law.