Pregnant Woman Among Injured in Austin Car Accident

A pregnant woman and five other passengers were injured when a car slammed into the steps of a home on Wednesday afternoon. Witnesses say that the pregnant woman may have suffered serious injuries. “I was sitting right here on the corner,” a witness said, “it all happened so fast.” The 17-year-old witness was forced to jump out of way when a blue sedan was pushed off the road by another vehicle into the front porch of the home.

Firefighters were forced to pry the pregnant woman and other passengers from the car following the wreck. The car contained four adults and two children. According to news sources, the driver’s side of the vehicle was badly damaged and the four adult passengers were taken to the hospital in critical condition. The children sustained minor injuries. The accident occurred around 4:40 in the afternoon on North Central Avenue.


According to the Texas Department of Transportation (TXDOT), more than 11,000 car accidents occurred in Austin in 2011. These accidents resulted in more than 50 fatalities and thousands of serious injuries. Statewide, one person was injured in a car accident every two and a half minutes. Statistically, one person died in Texas car accident approximately every three hours.

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