The Process for Filing a Dog Bite Claim in Austin, Texas

A dog attack is scary and can lead to severe or debilitating injuries. Long-term complications can arise despite adequate medical care. Some victims deal with chronic pain or psychological trauma. Others end up with disfiguring wounds and permanent scars. Knowing how to handle an attack and who to hold liable can be confusing. You must follow a specific process to recover compensation for your medical bills and other expenses. Here you will learn how to report your dog bite injury, the steps you must take after an attack, and the process for filing an insurance claim or lawsuit. How to… Read More

Avoid Being Bitten by a Stranger’s Dog

boxer dog

Your dogs may have never met a stranger, but that doesn’t mean that all dogs welcome pats on the head from people they don’t know. As you are out walking through the many green spaces in Austin this summer, it’s important to remember that you will be running into dog owners just like yourself. While some may have canine companions that welcome your touch, others will have pets that would rather not be bothered. Before you reach out a hand to gently stroke a dog you don’t know, it’s important to follow a few safety tips. 1. Always Ask the… Read More

Cats are Dangerous, Too

Kitten biting a hand

When most people think of being bitten by an animal, dogs are the first thing that pops into their mind. It makes sense. We hear about dog attacks on the news and read about them in the paper. What most people don’t consider is being bitten by a cat. It is very rare for someone to be walking down the street and be bitten by a feral or stray cat. These animals tend to flee at the sight of humans. What is more common is being bitten by your own cat or an acquaintance’s pet. When this happens,… Read More

What to Do Following a Dog Bite

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Being bitten by a dog is stressful and frightening. Many people do not know what to do following a dog bite. Yes, you know that you need to get medical care, but what else? Here is a brief rundown of the steps that should be taken immediately following a dog bite. Information One of the first things to do is to gather information. You want the names and addresses of any witnesses to the attack, the name of the dog owner, the address where the dog lives and the name of the person who had control… Read More