$15 Million Year for the Loewy Law Firm

The Loewy Law Firm is proud to announce we recovered over $15 Million for our clients in 2017. The recoveries were highlighted by 3 7-figure settlements in the amounts of $8.5 million for a truck crash, $2.5 million for a burn case and $2.2 million for a wrongful death truck case. We recovered significant money for Austin residents involved in car crashes, truck crashes, bike crashes, motorcycle crashes, burn incidents, slip and falls and injuries to children. If you or a loved one have been hurt, call us today. We can help. (512) 280-0800. Read More

What to Ask Your Attorney After a Car Accident

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When you are in a car accident, you have a lot to worry about. Your first concern is your health, and your second concern is fixing any damage to your vehicle. In some cases, you may decide that your best bet is to seek compensation and for that you will need an attorney. Here are the five top questions to ask your attorney after you have been in a car accident in Austin. 1. How Will I Pay You? This is no doubt at the top of your list. You think that you can’t afford an attorney, so… Read More

How Prescription Drugs Affect Your Body — And Your Driving

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For most people, driving is essential. It is how they get to work and school. It is how they get started on family vacations. For some, it is even how they earn their living. No matter the reason, driving is a complex skill that must be taken seriously. The ability to drive safely can be affected by many factors, not the least of which is prescription medication. How Does Mediation Affect Driving? People take prescription medication for a variety of reasons. Illness, allergies, pain and other reasons have people taking one or more medications on a daily basis. While… Read More

How Education Level Affects Accident Rates

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In recent years, traffic fatalities in the United States have been on the decline. It’s thanks to auto innovation and regulation. Perhaps strangest, perhaps, is the fact that those who are considered to be disadvantaged are more likely to die in car crashes than those who are wealthy or well-off. But why? According to researchers who published a study in the American Journal of Epidemiology, road safety has not been evenly shared. The declines in traffic fatalities have been primarily among the most educated among us. For those who are over 25 years of age and lacking a… Read More

Who’s to Blame if a Defect Causes a Car Accident?

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In a car accident that is clearly the fault of a driver, assigning blame is typically easy. An investigation will often point to the error or the driver that caused the accident. The injured party, or victim, can then take steps to file a personal injury suit if they choose to do so. When a defect is the cause of the accident, assigning blame is not always so clear-cut. The doctrine of strict liability controls motor vehicle defect cases. You can make a strict liability claim if you are able to show that all three of the following… Read More

What You Need to Know About Drowsy Driving


Drowsy driving is a form of impaired driving. Just like those who choose to drink and get behind the wheel, those who are too tired to drive are a danger to themselves and others on the road. Drowsy driving doesn’t necessarily mean that you fell asleep at the wheel, it can simply mean that your alertness and attentiveness is affected. This can put you at a greater risk of causing or becoming involved in an accident. It is difficult to determine the exact number of crashes caused by drowsy drivers, but it is known that at least 846 crash fatalities… Read More

Who Is Held Liable In a Multi-Vehicle Accident?

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When you are involved in an auto accident, the person is at fault is typically fairly obvious. Either you caused the accident or the other party did. In the case of a single-vehicle crash, perhaps the road conditions or inclement weather can be to blame. What happens when you are involved in a multi-vehicle accident? Determining fault when there are several cars in a crash isn’t always so easy. As is the case in any accident, the first thing to do after seeking medical assistance is to call law enforcement. The officer or officers who respond will begin… Read More

Is Uninsured Motorist Coverage Worth It?

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You are in the market for new insurance and are planning on sitting down in front of your computer for an hour or so gathering quotes. You know that you need to coverage in case you cause an accident, and maybe you even want to pay for rental reimbursement or roadside coverage. But what about uninsured motorist coverage? Most people believe that uninsured motorist coverage will protect them in the event that another driver, without insurance, is found at fault in their wreck. Chances are that most people are wrong. If you are to believe the things that… Read More

The Scary Statistics of Texting and Driving

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What does DWI mean to you? If you are like most people, you immediately think “driving while intoxicated,” and you would be correct. In today’s technological age, DWI has taken on a new meaning: “Driving While Intexticated.” It may be a bit tongue-in-cheek, but its message is clear. Driving while texting can be as dangerous as driving under the influence. Here are some quick facts: 1. 5 Seconds: Texting takes your eyes off of the road for about five seconds, on average. At 55 mph, you can cross the length of a football field in that time. 2. Read More

Can Your Car Kill You?


When it comes to safety features in cars, what do you look for? If you are like many people, you look for side-curtain airbags, automatic seat belts and even anti-lock braking systems. But what about the vehicle itself? Growing up, your parents might have told you bigger was better. If not better, bigger was definitely safer. They may have actually been right. In a study released by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, vehicles that were the smallest and cheapest tended to have more driver fatalities than others on the road. Cheap may have just been a coincidence. Read More