Tips to Help Seniors Avoid Aggressive Drivers

Concerned Older Man

As we age, it stands to reason that we begin to slow down. Unfortunately, those slow downs, or deficits, are carried over into our driving. This inability to drive like we once did can cause other drivers on the road to become angry and aggressive. Here are some tips for anyone dealing with an angry driver on the road. Do Not Respond If you happen to be confronted by an angry driver, do your best to not respond. The driver may be looking for a confrontation, plain and simple. Your response can escalate a situation that could have… Read More

Your Teen May Not Be Ready to Drive

Teen Drivers

A study was released in the spring of 2015, detailing the very real problem of teens and distracted driving. What it told us is that the problem is much worse than originally known or even suspected. What it showed was that distractions were contributors to accidents in 60% of moderate-to-severe crashes involving teenagers. With this information in hand, it is more important than ever for parents to determine if their teens are really ready for the open road. Simply turning 16 may not be enough to allow your child to get behind the wheel. Parents and guardians must… Read More

New Year’s Eve Accident in St. Johns County

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AUSTIN, TX – A holiday crash took the life of an out-of-state woman and injured four other people. The accident occurred in St. Johns County. The Florida Highway Patrol said that Ashley Dubois, 22, a resident of Virginia, died of her injuries after being transported to the hospital. The accident occurred on New Year’s Eve on U.S. 1 at Watson Road. According to reports, Benjamin Kaminski, 27, was driving northbound on U.S. 1. He was in the left turn lane and attempted to make the turn onto Watson Road. Natalie Fisher, 42, was driving southbound on U.S. 1… Read More

FM 812 Has More Than Fair Share of Accidents

ems ambulance

AUSTIN, TX – A pedestrian was struck by a vehicle in Southeast Austin just hours before the clock struck midnight signaling the start of a new year. EMS responded to FM 812 near the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport after receiving the call. According to reports, a male victim was hit by a vehicle. The pedestrian was stabilized on scene and transported to the University Medical Center Brackenridge with injuries that may have been life threatening. Unfortunately, this is not the first such accident to occur on this stretch of roadway. Last month, two people were located in a ditch… Read More

Teach Your Teen What To Do After an Accident

Driving Holding a Steering Wheel

You spent countless hours getting your teen ready for the road. You practiced driving on back roads and highways. You reviewed the local traffic laws. You even practiced driving in the rain. If you are like most parents, you may have forgotten to prepare your child for an accident. It stands to reason that most parents do not want to imagine their child in a car crash. Unfortunately, accidents do happen and, whether your child is at fault or not, taking the proper steps are important. Review the following list with your teenager to be sure they understand what to… Read More

Local Musician Involved in Accident

Chevrolet Silverado Truck

AUSTIN, TX – Gina Mendez-Jew was a mother, a teacher and a musician. The 35-year-old was killed in a single-vehicle car crash last Wednesday. She leaves behind a family and a community who loved her. According to reports, Mendez-Jew was driving her truck on Barton Springs Road early in the morning. It is unknown why at this time, but Mendez-Jew’s vehicle struck a tree, killing the vibrant woman who was known for her love of music. People who knew the woman said that she was able to make a connection with local youth through a shared love of music. “She… Read More

Top Causes of Accidents on American Roadways

Every year, auto accidents take the lives of tens of thousands of people and cause injuries to hundreds of thousands more. When it comes to preventable deaths, traffic collisions are at the top of the list. Knowing the factors that cause these tragedies can help you prevent them. The top five causes of accidents throughout the country are below. Distracted Driving It is not unusual for people to eat in the car. They also talk, text, drink, apply makeup, fix their hair, fiddle with the radio, and a myriad of other activities that take their attention from the… Read More

Driving Safely Through Flooded Roadways

Texas has seen its fair share of rain in the past months, and it seems as though storms won’t completely let up any time soon. Because no one can really predict the weather with 100 percent accuracy, it is important to remember that you may be driving in hazardous conditions this holiday season. Now is the perfect time to remind ourselves how to drive through flooded roadways. The first rule of thumb, of course, is to turn around and follow an alternate route. Unfortunately, there are times when we are forced to drive through flooded streets. When you… Read More

Local Educators Involved in Serious Accident

AUSTIN, TX – On October 10, 2015, a crash took the lives of a mother-daughter team of local educators. The women worked for the Simi Valley and Oak Park unified school districts, and their passing has left many in shock. According to reports, a minivan ran a red light, striking the passenger side of the women’s car. Irene Edwards, 64, died at the scene. Her daughter, Kate Edwards, 33, was transported to Seton Hospital Williamson and died later that night. Rick Edwards, Irene’s husband and Kate’s father, along with Dave Foy, Kate Edwards’ fiancé, survived the crash. The family… Read More

Austin Car Accident Fatalities Continue to Rise

Across all roadways in Austin, there has been an uptick in the number of crashes resulting in fatalities in 2015. One headline from August reported Police: More people are dying on Austin roads this year.  At that time, there were a reported 67 deaths. To recap just some of what we have seen in the area in just the past six months: A two car, two pedestrian accident leaves two dead David Crunk, 48, was involved in a fatal motorcycle collision. Two children, ages 10 and 15 killed in an accident after the driver of a pickup truck… Read More