Single-Vehicle Collision Leaves Driver Injured

CEDAR PARK, TX – A single-vehicle accident resulted in the deaths of four people on October 19, 2015. According to police reports, the accident happened in the 1700 block of North Bell near the Thompson intersection. The crash occurred at 4:17 a.m. for reasons that remain unknown. Residents in the area were startled by the commotion that happened before many were out of bed. Police say that a single vehicle was traveling north on Highway 183. That vehicle went off of the road and hit a power pole. The driver of the vehicle was transported to Round Rock… Read More

Make Your Holiday Road Trip Safe and Stress Free

As the holidays approach, you may be starting to plan the annual family road trip. Car travel is at a peak during the holiday season. This means that the roads will be more congested than you may be used to. Follow these tips to be sure you arrive at your destination safely. Maintenance. Before you head out on the open road, make sure that your car is serviced properly. If you have recently had routine maintenance completed on your car, at least be sure to have the tires inspected one more time before you start off on your… Read More

Officials to Drivers: Be on the Lookout for Deer

SOUTH AUSTIN, TX – Local authorities are urging motorists to keep their eyes open as they drive down the city’s highways. Motorists are not being told to watch out for one another, but for a far more nefarious creature: Bambi. Clearly, you are not being told to look out for the Bambi, but for deer. October not only brings cooler weather and one of the most fun holidays of the year, but deer season. According the State Farm, you have a 1 in 169 chance of hitting a deer. That may not seem like much, but take time… Read More

Interstate 35 Shut Down After Accident

AUSTIN, TX – On September 24, 2015, police received a report of an accident on Interstate 35. Upon arrival, officers discovered a deceased individual on the roadway. The man had been struck by a semi-truck and pronounced dead at the scene. Immediately following the accident, all southbound lanes of the highway were closed. Authorities began to reopen the interstate shortly after 10:30 a.m. The man was struck and killed by the 18-wheeler close to the 6600 block of the highway. He was pronounced dead by Austin-Travis County Emergency Medical Services. According to reports, this was the 80th traffic fatality in… Read More

Candlelight Vigil Held for Traffic Deaths During Austin’s Deadliest Year: What Can Be Done?

Wednesday, September 30, families and friends gathered alongside police officers to remember loved ones who have been killed this year in fatal traffic accidents. They held 81 candles – one for each tragic loss. Our hearts go out to each and every one of these suffering families. The Austin American-Statesman covered the story, and reported that this year has been almost twice as deadly as last year. It has even surpassed the earlier record of traffic deaths in one year… and it is only October. Our law firm helps the families of those loved ones lost in… Read More

Accident on Highway 59 Ends in Arrests

AUSTIN, TX – There is a long stretch of highway that begins in Laredo and runs beyond Houston. Traffic stops are not uncommon along this stretch of road, and many involve illegal immigrants who try to run from the police once their vehicle is stopped. Last Thursday, one such incident took place. Unfortunately, what began as a simple traffic stop ended with six lives lost. Just after a vehicle was stopped, its driver took off, fleeing from the police, eventually losing control. The vehicle, filled with immigrants, flipped over several times, ejecting people along Highway 59. According to reports, a… Read More

Woman and Dog Reunited After Accident

TYLER, TX – Getting into a car crash is a stressful occurrence. Imagine being involved in a wreck with your best friend riding as a passenger in your vehicle. Katherine Ann Scott knows that feeling all too well. Scott and her best dog pal, Alcide, was traveling back to Austin from Tyler just a few short weeks ago. The crash occurred in Palestine, TX. Scott’s vehicle, a Hyundai, was struck by an 18-wheeler in an intersection. Before the woman knew what was happening, she was hit on her driver’s side. She was hit so hard, in fact, that it took… Read More

Virginia Teens En route to Austin Injured in Crash

AUSTIN, TX – Three teenagers were involved in an accident early Friday on Interstate 30. Unfortunately, the teenagers were killed as a result of the crash. Recent graduates of Herndon High School in Virginia, the teens were driving through Hunt County, Texas on their way to Austin. The teenagers have been identified as Holly Novak, 18; Dale Neibaur, 19; and Kyle Mathers, 19. According to police reports, a vehicle was traveling in the wrong direction on the interstate. The vehicle collided head on with the SUV driven… Read More

4 Reasons Why You Must Have UIM Insurance

UIM insurance is extremely important. Our firm has handled countless cases in which this elective coverage is the difference between having ample money for medical expenses and being forced to come up with money because another driver was not properly insured. As an example, here are two settlements in which UIM was crucial: $52K Settlement in UIM Case and $350K Settlement in South by Southwest Crash Case. This handy infographic explains the top four reasons why UIM coverage is so important. As always, if you are involved in an accident and are not sure if your injuries will be… Read More

Austin Crashes Attributed to Wrong-Way Drivers

AUSTIN, TEXAS – William Marsden recently told reporters at KXAN that he can hear car horns throughout the day from his home in West Campus. Why? Because nearby is Rio Grande, a one-way street. People turn onto the street the wrong way frequently because they are unfamiliar with the area and the signage is difficult to see. “I think there are some inattentive drivers, but also a lack of signage,” Marsden told reporters. The problem is not unique to Austin. The Texas Department of Transportation is currently conducting a study on the best way to keep drivers on the… Read More