Bicycle Accident Statistics & Victims’ Rights

By Texas law, bicycle riders have the same rights and responsibilities as drivers of passenger vehicles. According to the Texas Department of Transportation, this means that bicyclists have the duty to ensure that they take reasonable measures to reduce the risk of causing preventable harm and to adhere to all traffic laws, including: Stopping at red lights and stop signs Staying within a lane and being aware of lane markers Riding near curbs and traveling in the same direction as vehicles Using lights at night and using proper signals for turns Unfortunate as it may be, even bicyclists who obey… Read More

What to Do After a Car Accident in Austin

Car accidents – or any type of auto accident – can be frightening, chaotic experiences. When emotions run hot and especially when injuries occur, victims may forget important steps they can take to not only protect their own well-being, but also the future strength of their personal injury claim. As the actions individuals take in the immediate aftermath of a car accident are of such crucial importance, the Texas Department of Transportation has focused on educating drivers about things to remember after a car accident in Texas. While situations will always vary, there are a few general measures motorists can take… Read More

Compensation Available to Injured Car Accident Victims in Austin, TX

In the wake of an auto accident, many injured victims and their families soon find themselves confronted with numerous challenges. Among these, some of the most difficult involve the financial repercussion of dealing with an injury. Medical bills, for one, can pose serious financial strains that impact all aspects of one’s well-being. When injuries are severe enough to prevent a victim from working and earning wages, these financial struggles can be intensified. In some cases, victims and their families may also experience various emotional and psychological damages, which can affect them profoundly and greatly decrease their quality of life. Fortunately… Read More

Texting While Driving Banned in Austin, Not Texas

Currently, 41 U.S. states and the District of Columbia (Washington, DC) ban text messaging behind the wheel for all drivers. If a driver were to be caught texting while driving in one of these states, law enforcement officers can issue tickets and fines. Fair enough, right? Texting while driving is generally considered to be the most alarming form of distracted driving and is responsible for causing thousands of injuries and fatalities during auto accidents each year. In fact, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), a federal agency that promotes driver safety, states that distracted driving and texting while driving… Read More

What Not to do After You’ve Been Injured in a Car Accident

Car accidents, as well as any type of motor vehicle accident, can be stressful, chaotic experiences. When accidents are serious enough to cause injuries, emotions can run incredibly high. Remaining calm and collected during a car accident, however, can not only ensure that all immediate concerns are attended to, but also that your potential personal injury claim is not compromised. When a motorist, passenger, or pedestrian is injured as the result of another driver’s negligence, carelessness, or wrongful act, there are always certain steps that should be taken. These can include collecting the other driver’s information and making sure that… Read More

DWI Standards for Truck & Commercial Drivers

Drivers who get behind the wheel while intoxicated or under the influence of drugs place others on public roads and highways in serious danger and at serious risk of suffering injuries and fatalities. When these drivers get behind the wheel of massive commercial trucks – including 18-wheelers, tractor-trailers, and other large freight bearing vehicles – the dangers and risks can increase dramatically. In fact, the Texas Department of Public Safety explicitly warns truck drivers against the use of alcohol when driving commercial vehicles, as alcohol impairment can negatively impact driving in a number of ways, including: Slowed reaction time to… Read More

The Dangers of Tired Truck Drivers

Commercial, freight bearing vehicles – including 18-wheelers, tractor trailers, and semi-trucks – are massive machines that can weigh as much as 80,000 pounds. Excess weight, vehicle articulation (trailers), large cargo, and sheer size make maneuvering these vehicles a difficult task for even the most seasoned truck driver. When you factor in unfavorable road conditions, the negligence and carelessness of other drivers, and the inability of commercial trucks to stop or maneuver quickly, it becomes clear that drivers of commercial vehicles need to be alert and prepared at all times when behind the wheel. As trucking accidents have such an overwhelming… Read More

Loewy Law Firm Successfully Secures Compensation for Local Injured Victims

The Loewy Law Firm has recently secured a number of successful resolutions for local injured Texans. In the firm’s most recent case, Austin personal injury attorney Adam Loewy – our firm’s founding lawyer – managed to secure a $560,000 settlement for a local Austin woman who was seriously injured in a head on collision. The woman suffered two broken legs during the accident and was forced to endure a painful and lengthy recovery process. The driver of the other vehicle was texting at the time of the accident – a point Attorney Loewy stressed when illustrating the motorist’s negligence. All… Read More

Child Injury Statistics & Victims’ Rights

No accident, injury, or illness is welcome or easy to handle. When children are involved, however, emotions tend to run high and parents and families can become easily overwhelmed, frightened, and frustrated. At the Loewy Law Firm, Austin personal injury attorney Adam Loewy knows that families who are forced to endure the difficulties of these experiences require compassionate support and attentive legal representation. These cases can be immensely delicate, and while families deserve to be treated with personalized attention, they also demand aggressive representation to ensure that justice is served, at-fault parties are held accountable for their actions, and full… Read More

Fourth of July DWI Accidents & the Rights of Injured Victims

With the Fourth of July weekend quickly approaching, residents throughout Texas and the nation will have the opportunity to reflect on some of the more concerning aspects of what this holiday has come to mean. In particular, July 4th – as well as the days preceding and following the holiday – have become notorious for increased rates of auto accidents, injuries, and fatalities across the country. In many cases, these increased occurrences of accidents and injuries can be attributed to higher rates of impaired and intoxicated driving. In fact, the problem of DWIs and DUIs during this time of year have… Read More