$520,000 Settlement Obtained in Boat Crash Case

The Loewy Law Firm is proud to announce it has secured a $520,000 settlement on behalf of two Austin residents who were injured in a boat crash on Lake Dunlap.  The significant settlement was obtained in part due to the quick investigative work of the Loewy Law Firm, a skill we take particular pride in. In the spring of 2013, our clients were boating on Lake Dunlap in the evening when another boat slammed into them.  The boat then sped away.  The driver of the boat was later caught by police and he was given a citation for leaving the… Read More

SXSW Tragedy – What Happens Next?

One of Austin’s greatest traditions, South by Southwest Festival, was marred by tragedy this year when a Killeen man drove away from police and slammed into numerous people on a closed-off street.  To date, 4 people have died, several people have traumatic brain injuries, and many more are injured. Obviously, the criminal justice system is handling the criminal side of this incident; the driver has been indicted with over 20 crimes and likely faces life in prison.  But what about the civil justice remedies the victims have? Unfortunately, for several reasons, options are very limited and these victims likely… Read More

Families of North Texas Drunk-Driving Victims Sue for Millions

A June 16, 2013 file photo shows cars driving past the scene of a deadly car crash in Burleson, a suburb south of Fort Worth, Texas. On December 13, 2013, the local district attorney’s office and legal specialists stated that prosecutors had no obvious method to request a more severe sentence for Ethan Couch, a sixteen-year-old boy who received ten years’ probation for the crash that killed four people and injured others. The case has provoked anger both in Texas and throughout the United States, with both the supposed Republican and Democratic Texas governor nominees shredding the sentence. Broad… Read More

How to Avoid Drunk Drivers on the Road – Safety Tips

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To drive safely on the road you have to monitor other drivers as well as yourself. You never know who is distracted, in a rush or driving while intoxicated. As scary as it sounds, thousands of people in Austin, and millions of people all over the United States are injured every year because of people who choose to drive drunk. Sadly, in the state of Texas about 35% of all car accident fatalities were DUI related incidents. Even though drinking is acceptable, drinking and driving is not. There are plenty of options to get home safely if you are drunk,… Read More

DWI Standards for Truck & Commercial Drivers

Drivers who get behind the wheel while intoxicated or under the influence of drugs place others on public roads and highways in serious danger and at serious risk of suffering injuries and fatalities. When these drivers get behind the wheel of massive commercial trucks – including 18-wheelers, tractor-trailers, and other large freight bearing vehicles – the dangers and risks can increase dramatically. In fact, the Texas Department of Public Safety explicitly warns truck drivers against the use of alcohol when driving commercial vehicles, as alcohol impairment can negatively impact driving in a number of ways, including: Slowed reaction time to… Read More

Fourth of July DWI Accidents & the Rights of Injured Victims

With the Fourth of July weekend quickly approaching, residents throughout Texas and the nation will have the opportunity to reflect on some of the more concerning aspects of what this holiday has come to mean. In particular, July 4th – as well as the days preceding and following the holiday – have become notorious for increased rates of auto accidents, injuries, and fatalities across the country. In many cases, these increased occurrences of accidents and injuries can be attributed to higher rates of impaired and intoxicated driving. In fact, the problem of DWIs and DUIs during this time of year have… Read More

Drunk Driving Accidents and Dram Shop Liability

A Corpus Christi family is making headlines with their recent lawsuit against an Austin bar – and shedding light on a little known liability law that holds drinking establishments accountable for over serving patrons. In a wrongful death claim filed by the family, they are suing for damages resulting from the bar over serving a 25-year-old Austin woman who was later involved in fatal drunk driving accident that killed their son. On July 1, 2012, the 25-year-old woman had been drinking with the young man at a local bar. After leaving together, the woman drove her vehicle down a boat… Read More

Texas Legislature Pass Law Against Hit and Run Drivers

The Texas House passed a new law 130-0 which increases the penalties for drivers for who leave the scene of an accident. The Senate previously passed the bill and Governor Perry is expected to sign it. Austin’s Senator Kirk Watson introduced the legislation. The legislation was passed in response to the tragic death of Courtney Griffin of Austin. Ms. Griffin was walking home late at night when she was hit Gabrielle Nestande, who had been drinking and driving. Ms. Nestande drove off and only received a 10 year probated sentence. A major problem in the trial was a loophole in the… Read More

$1.4 Million Recovered For Clients in First Quarter of 2013

The Loewy Law Firm is pleased to announce it has recovered over $1.4 Million ($1,4000,000) in settlements for clients in the first quarter of 2013. The recoveries occurred on behalf of clients involved in car accidents, DWI accidents, and child injuries. The Loewy Law Firm is very committed to getting the most compensation possible for each client. If you have been injured, or have a loved one dealing with a personal injury situation, please contact us today at (512) 920-5533 and speak directly to firm owner Adam Loewy. Read More

Why You Need Gap Insurance

GAP (Guaranteed Asset Protection) insurance is one of those vehicle expenses that seem like a waste of money until you need it. In fact, unless you’ve already been in a collision that resulted in your car or truck being declared a total loss, you may not even know what GAP insurance is, or how important it can be. Imagine that you’re driving along a busy road, and another car swerves into your lane and hits you, causing severe damage to your car. Thankfully, you suffer only minor injuries, but you can’t say the same for your car. The insurance adjuster… Read More